Microsoft responds to the rumors of the new Xbox Series X model

A few days ago, a rather convincing rumor arose regarding a new Xbox Series X model, which would not have many more changes compared to the original console, it would only be another color. And now, Microsoft has come out to speak regarding this assumption of fans, and it is possible that it turns out to be a disappointment for those who wanted to buy the device.

In a new medium message IGN , a representative of Microsoft cast down all these theories and rumors associated with the white console.


The white Xbox console for the promotional video of our partner is not in production. We have no plans to launch the Xbox Series X console at this time.

Regarding the commercial shown a few days ago, it seems that the decision came directly from Logitech . In a message given to The Verge , the company explained that it had altered the color to coincide with the commercial scheme. There the white stood out as the main color and clearly did not want the completely black appearance of series x to interrupt that cohesion.

That means that for now there are no more console models beyond the conventional and the one that was launched to celebrate the arrival of Halo Infinite.