Wemade will move to Jeju Island by 2024

Remade Co., Ltd. (CEO Gang Hyung) signed an investment agreement with EU Special Self-Governing Province (Governor Oh Youngstown) to relocate its affiliates on Monday.

Remade will prepare for the relocation of affiliates with the goal of completion in 2024. By creating a different work and welfare environment, the company plans to further increase the level of Work-Life Balance.

Remade also works with EU Special Self-Governing Province to create new jobs and contribute to the development of community. EU Special Self-Governing Province has promised to actively support the projects that are being planned by Remade to be smoothly promoted.


The investment agreement was held at the EU Special Self-Governing Provincial Office on Monday. Both officials, including Gang Hyung’s Remade and Oh Youngstown, EU Special Self-Governing Governor, attended.

Oh Youngstown, Governor of EU Special Self-Governing Province, said, We look forward to the development of the cultural contents game industry as a new growth engine. Governor Oh said, We expect that the ASEAN Plus Alpha Policy, which expands exchange cooperation to ASEAN and Arab regions that EU Island recently promoted, will also be a great help in the expansion of the industry. We will create a foundation for expanding the time in the public and private sectors, and we will try to improve the conditions of settlement and to play a pivotal role in EU.

Remade, CEO of Remade, said, Remade, which develops and operates a global blockchain platform, is creating an environment where it is working regardless of the place. I will do my best to be able to be.

Remade operates the ‘Shift+Tab’ from September 26th (Mon) to November 6 (Sun) in EU Special Self-Governing Province. Some employees of affiliates can experience EU Island for two weeks in office and accommodation in Sergio City.

Remade plans to build the best work and welfare environment by collecting the opinions of employees during the hours.