Final fantasy xiv

How to cook turkey beetroot soup in Tower of Fantasy

To maximize the event of the AIDA café in Tower of Fantasy, you need to know all the recipes of dishes and collect ingredients for them. One of the most popular dishes is the beetroot from turkey, so you will be great to learn how to cook it. Do not force your guest to wait for this dish!

Aida Café Beetroot soup from turkey recipe and ingredients


  • Potatoes
  • Turkey
  • Mushroom

where to find the ingredients for the Turkish beetroot soup in Tower of Fantasy

You cannot cook beetroot soup from turkey without a bird, so you will have to find it in the fresh air. To get a turkey, you need to visit the operational base of hyenas in Astra . They are not in the mood for negotiations, so eliminate them and take a little turkey. Contact the map below to obtain additional information about the whereabouts of hyenas.

These are all the ingredients that you will need for a beetroot from a turkey in Tower of Fantasy. This delicious stew restores 20 satiety units, but, more importantly, you have a great dish for customers in the AIDA café! Of course, you need more recipes if you want to succeed.

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