How to get bronze ingots in Steelrising

In Steel rising, players will meet various materials that can be used in different ways. One of them is bronze bullion, and they will need you to strengthen the weapons of the Enid. You will find bronze bullion while studying the map, and you can also buy them. Nevertheless, a great place for the farm of bronze ingots in the game will save players from using resources to buy material to improve. Here’s how to find and process bronze bullion in Steel rising.


where to farm bronze bullion in Steel rising?

One of the best ways to get bronze bullion is to farm them, defeating certain enemies. You will meet several, one of them in Luxembourg . This area is unlocked after visiting Fooleries . After the victory over the selenite of the Louvre in the Louvre Palace, you must go to Luxembourg. As soon as you get to the city, you will be offered two directions. One leads to the office of Dr. Loonier, and the other to the Luxembourg Palace. We recommend using a compass to find the road to Luxembourg Palace .

You will collide with courier a lightning-otic ram and heavy prototype Automate the enemy, not reaching one of vestal in Luxembourg. Defeat them, and you will receive bronze bullion and cast iron. However, the loss of the loss is unstable, and you will need to relax at Vestal to reload the enemies in this place. Repeat the process to collect bronze bullion to improve weapons. Follow the tunnel marked with a yellow circle on the image above to see the exact location of these enemies.

Where to buy bronze bullion in Steel rising?

Players need to get access to boutique from Harmless wagon for buying bronze ingots for anime. Go to the section of the materials, and you will find bronze ingots put up for sale. Use Avila Essence available to buy them. Each bronze ingot costs about 2000 antonym . Although this is one of the ways to obtain bronze ingots, we recommend that players get these materials from enemies. Thus, you can use Anima for other purposes.

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