Masters program simulation adventure graduate student TRPG appeared. Even though it is an adventure of a school that contains actual experience, the SAN value is cut down.

On September 11, Mr. Karachi, a personal game developer, released the Steam store page of graduate student TRPG . This work will be released next year for Android/iOS in addition to PC (Steam).

Graduate student TRPG is a text adventure that experiences two years of master’s course. As a game system, the player himself seems to be able to do what he wants to do in the day. For example, the protagonist can study, work part-time, do TA (teaching assist), or read books. There are various types of books to read, such as communication books, business books, manga, and fend shoo books. It is an orthodox system in which these selections and dice rolls up and down the parameters, and events occur or the ending branches by the value of these variables.

But the biggest feature of this game is that the protagonist is a graduate student. It is a major feature of this work that the graduate school is not just a school. For example, parameters are not very common, such as physical strength, spirit, money, study, luck, socialite, research and will to go to a doctoral course). Can be confirmed. There is also a column called state underneath, but according to the author, the protagonist is suffering from various diseases and abnormalities such as lack of sleep, alcohol poisoning, and madness. I had a glimpse of the harshness of graduate school life, and I was shaken.

The characters of dot paintings, such as the heroine’s Chili, are cute, and the character set for each character seems to be quite interesting. On the other hand, the background is monochrome, and the music of the trailer is somewhat sad, and it fuels anxiety. I am very worried that this anxiety is involved in the story. The specific story is rarely mentioned, but it may be serious. As far as the second half of the trailer is seen, it seems that some incidents will happen, and what kind of ending are prepared?

This work is called RPG in the title, but TRPG (table talk RPG) is originally the biggest feature of playing paper and pen on a desk without using a computer. In that sense, this work is strictly CRPG (computer RPG) instead of TRPG. However, according to the author, this RPG should be considered as abbreviation for subtitles. The subtitle is Thinkable Role for Painful Generations. If you translate into Japanese for a strong manner, does it mean a real role prepared for a hard and painful generation? It may be a nostalgic amount before playing what this means.

As mentioned above, this work includes some elements related to TRPG, such as the concept of spirit (SAN value) and madness. On the other hand, there are small stories that are considered to be unique to graduate students, such as D’s will in the parameters, or P ≠ NP in the character’s shirt. When playing this work, it seems interesting to pay attention to these points.

The developer of this work is Mr. Karachi, who is producing games individually. He himself is only an active graduate student, and in this work, he seems to be able to feel the atmosphere as it is. Wait for the young people who will be responsible for tomorrow in Japan, looking for a story depicting their real days. Graduate student TRPG will be released next year for PC (Steam)/Android/iOS.