The 10 -year service is also available on Steam Mirror War: Design Resurrection

On the 9th, L & K Logic Korea will release its online shooting RPG ‘Mirror War: Holy Resurrection’, a single play version of ‘Mirror War: Holy Resurrection Standalon Edition (hereinafter referred to as Mirror War: Holy Resurrection SA)’.

Launched in August 2012, the Mirror War: Holy Resurrection is an online game that celebrates its 10th year of service this year. It is a unique genre that combines a classic arcade shooting game with a fantasy RPG in the background of the fantasy background, depicting the long disputes and heroes between the three forces that occurred over the dominance of the Parrow Hill.


‘Mirror War: Holy Resurrection SA’ is a separate version that can be adjusted to eliminate the online function of the existing game and enjoy the single play campaign. As a member of the journey, each of them will be on their own.

There are 12 jobs, including warriors, archers, and spirits, and more than 600 stages provided throughout the game. The user proceeds with the quest and campaign stories between the villages and the city, and the emotion of the RPG in the cultivation of the character, and in the battle, avoids various enemies and bosses scattered, and clears the stage. You can experience the charm of the shooting game.

‘Mirror War: Holy Resurrection SA’ supports Korean and the launch price is 31,000 won. From the 9th to the 15th, the release date, a 40%discount will be held to commemorate the launch.