Samsung Electronics, from IFA 2022, from Smart Sings to Micro LED

Samsung Electronics participated in ‘IFA 2022’, Europe’s largest home appliance exhibition in Berlin, Germany, from the 2nd to 6th of this month, and presented consumer experience and next-generation home appliance technology through ‘Smart Singles’.

Samsung Electronics installed ‘Samsung Town’, an exhibition and counseling space of 172m2 (about 3,50 pyeong), the industry’s largest in the city cube Berlin in Messe Berlin, and various latest products such as video display, household appliances, mobile, and memory Exhibited.

Samsung Electronics created a ‘SmartSings Home’ decorated with seven residential spaces and introduced 20 scenarios. It also introduced gaming screens such as micro LEDs, Neo QLED, and ultra-high definition TVs to Odyssey Arc, which show the pinnacle of display technology.

In addition, the latest product experience spaces such as ‘Bisfork Home’ and premium home appliances ‘Bispork Infinit Line’ I prepared. In addition, the next-generation consumer storage products such as internal and external SSDs, memory cards, and USB Flash Drive (UFD) were also exhibited.