The Callisto Protocol will lead us to die in imaginative ways: It hdeath become our signature

The terror of The Callisto Protocol will also move to the ways of dying of the protagonist. Mark James, developer in the project, explains in an interview with the Igno Japan portal that the form of captures death in imaginative way hdeath become the firm of him.

We have an outstanding death at the end of each trailer. We want you to see death not death a form of punishment but a time to learn about what you did wrong, at the same time that you achieve an anecdote about how you died. The ways of dying will be varied: Each monster hdeath its own way of killing you , and environmental hazards are threats for both you and enemies, James emphdeathizes. In one of our trailers, the protagonist backed into a fan, and when you are getting rid of a monster you must be very careful because these threats can kill you just like the enemy in front of you.

Death in the form of achievement or trophy

Between laughs, James also shares that seeing all the ways of dying will be part of the list of trophies and achievements of The Callisto Protocol. You will die in our game . Many people deathk about the duration, and it’s like, how many times are you going to die? In addition, the variables are huge in the way they attack or attack you, so you can die more or less. Even going back to a fan, that type of failure will result in a death and you will have to complete that section.

How many are there? That is a mystery still without revealing. We are not going to reveal the number of deaths at this time, but I think you will have to work hard to achieve all, he concludes. In this link you will find our interview with its executive producer, Steve Papoutsis .

The Callisto Protocol is the first Striking Distence Studios project, the study led by Glenn Schofield, father of the Dead Space franchise. They have the support of Krafton, the giant after Playerunknow’s Battlegrounds. will arrive on December 2 to PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PC.