Two new regional attack heroes were launched in Pala Dog Tactics

Gravity launched a new hero and content expansion update on the mobile SRPG ‘Pala Dog Tactics’ on the 25th.

First, we added UR grade new heroes Legolas Hood and Tornado Hippo. Legolas Hood is a ranged wide dealer that reduces attack power to the enemy, and Tornado Hippo is a range of attack-type dealers who increase damage by the consumption.


At the same time, the rare weapon rareness has expanded from UR grade to LR grade. LR grade equipment can be produced using UR grade equipment, upgrade material ‘iron ore of ancient legend’ and ‘dragon’s scales’. Two upgrade materials can be obtained from the extended valley of the extended devil and the difficulty level of the devil’s swamp 31 or higher.

The Hero Soul Soul Exchange System has also been added. After selecting the hero you want to get, you can exchange soulstones and prism stones to exchange them with the corresponding pieces and shining stone.

For more information, please visit the official Pala Dog Tactics Lounge.