League of legends

LOL: The champion impossible to use for bad players demonstrating a great anomaly

One of the great peculiarities that affects the League of Legends champions is in their performance. Although the characters are equal at all levels of skill, players of different ranges are able to get more or less game. It is something that we traditionally see associated with the competitive, where some horrific heroes in the qualifiers are the most powerful. However, and although there is almost never talk about it, there is a much more exaggerated and difficult situation that we only discover when paying attention to the worst players.

The champion impossible to use for the worst players

Zilean is a relatively simple character that has a very similar victorious rate in most ranges of the game. The champion’s success expectations barely vary by 1.5% if we compare the clashes played in silver with those that take place in the highest ranges of the game. However, if we look at bronze or iron we will have a big surprise. Players of these skill levels are barely able to use the time guard. The most prominent case comes at the lowest level of League of Legends, where is not even able to tear down the rival link in 30% of the occasions .

The data is truly curious. Although all League of Legends champions tend to lower iron performance, none of them shows such an exaggerated difference. It is also likely that when we think about what the least successful character could be in the lowest range of the game we think of those who require great skill. It is true that Zilean needs to have a good notion of the fights to use the definitive way and that he has to hit the pump combo. However, we would not place it or among the 20 most difficult heroes .

In our case, the situation surprised us so much that even we reviewed the data of the last 30 days (which are the ones we included in the table) in case it was an anomaly emerged after the last patch. However, we realized that it had nothing to do with updates. Zilean has in this state from the durability update that, seems to have affected the character in the lowest range of the game. Something that Riot Games has been ignoring for a long time since it does not pay too much attention to the phenomena that happen exclusively on the lowest steps of the qualifying stairs.

If we review the performance data of all the characters in iron, we can find a point of union. The heroes who earn less are Zilean, Janna, Taric, Soraka, Yuumi and Ivern. They are all focused on the protection of allies and do not have many tools to win games al1. A strategy that seems not to work despite the fact that if something needs little skilled shooters with whom we could cross is someone who is constantly saving them.

In general terms, the situation is an anomaly. Choosing protection heroes is One of the most reliable strategies to ascend in the League of Legends qualifiers, but not when we are deep in the well. Keep in mind that there is a great similarity between iron and the highest ranges of the game: the number of players is so small that a special microcosm is formed that follows its own rules and not necessarily obey the general rules of the video game.