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Smilegate ‘Stove Indie’ launched the horror adventure game ‘palm’

-1-person developer, made of ‘RPG Maker’, immersive with bizarre background and mystery

-Smile Gate Employee Creative Support Program CCL League, Stove Indie ‘First Line’

The indie game platform ‘Stove Indie’, operated by Smilegate Stove, developed the ‘RPG Maker’ game ‘RPG Maker’ (night autonomous learning) of the one-person development of the survival horror genre developed by the domestic indie developer Crazy Grani. Sun) was released alone.

Palace is a 2D horror adventure game made of RPG Maker (Tsukur) tool. While sleeping at night, he falls asleep and wakes up.

Now, to find out what happened, you should go around the school and avoid the pursuit of the monster you met, solve various puzzles, and escape the school. In general, the overall dark background encourages a horrible atmosphere, and the pursuit of bizarre monsters and the mystery of difficult clues increase the immersion of the game.

is the first work to be developed through the creative and creative program for Smilegate employees through the Creative Challengers League. The Creative Challengers League, which began in 2019 and was held until the third stage, supports places and development costs to develop prototypes for employees who are passionate about creative/creation, and developers’ willingness to receive good response through demonstration. Depending on the launch, it supports the launch.

Visual Nobel Mobile Indie Games, which was well-received with stories and art, was also born through the Creative Challengers League.

Smilegate Chung Hyun-joo, who founded Crayeji Granni, said, Yaja is a game that has been envisioned since middle and high school students, and it is very proud to be able to formally launch through a good program called ‘Creative Challengers League’. It is a game where you can enjoy bizarre and thrills in the familiar environment of palm and school, so many people will have fun.

Smilegate Stove Woman Seung-hwan said, The palm is more meaningful because it is developed through the Creative Challengers League and is the first work to be presented directly by Stove Indie. Smilegate has no support for employees’ ideas to actually execute and implement to build the experiences and knowledge of creation. We will try to show more titles such as the Palace, which has been passionate about employees.

‘Stove Indie’ will hold a special promotion of four games that can only be found in ‘Stove Indie’, including ‘Palm’ through ‘STOVE ONLY’ promotion in line with the launch of the palm. You can get a 30% discount coupon through the game taste test, and offers additional rewards for buyers from the most sold games.

For more information about the palm, you can check the Stove Indie page .