Multiversus: the character almost impossible to balance

Multiversus players do not have the duo of fighters Tom and Jerry near their hearts. Obviously, the cat and mouse would be too strong compared to the other characters, and they would deserve a balance that seems to take time to settle.


A NERF expected by players

The update of Season 1 of Multiversus was launched on August 15 and, with it, a series of improvements and nerfs for several characters on the list. The players who play Superman , for example, have been devastated by a series of changes in the old star character in the preseason 1, and it seems that more future adjustments are planned for other fighters.

In fact, the duo of Tom and Jerry seems to have escaped any balance caused by the update of these first seasonal stings, which generates confusion among the players. Tony Hyunh, co-founder and director of the Warner Bros. fighting game quickly answered these questions through a tweet in his personal account:

_ We are working in Tom & Jerry. It is taking more time than expected because it is a difficult problem to solve. It is only too strong when you play a high level of skill. That is why we must find out what to do not to do much damage when playing at a lower level than we expect, while its power is reduced a little at a higher skill level, Tony explains.

Therefore, There is no date for any NERF of Tom and Jerry right now , but the next equilibrium wave will surely shake the goal a little more for the new Multiversus update. As a reminder, season 1 will also add new characters to the list: Morty will arrive on August 23 and Rick, Black Adam and Stripe will enter the sand and roster later in the season, although it is likely to Long of September we will see them in action.