New world

How to unlock the world map in Tower of Fantasy

Focus on the world of Aida can be a little difficult. Fortunately, the world map is decorated with badges that tell you exactly where to find what you are looking for. But this is the catch-at the first entrance to the new region, the world map is completely empty. You can accidentally find a cosmodrome or two, but each enemy camp, side missions and other important track points are invisible, which means that you need to explore the area blindly-although not for long. Here’s how to illuminate the world of the world of Tower of Fantasy.


How to show all areas and pins on the Tower of Fantasy World map

The world map is divided by regions, which means that you cannot light the entire card at a time. You must visit each region, and then find the Omnium tower using a unique icon that looks like a crescent tower on top. Below is the exact pin that you need to find.

If you are a new player, you naturally find yourself in the tower of Astra Omnium somewhere between chapters 1-4 and 1-5, after returning from Hikroos. Otherwise, go to the Omnium tower in any region and step on elevator at the base to push you up. As soon as you find yourself at the top, interact with the NPC named scraper which will receive these card data for you.

As soon as this is done, your world map will contain all the corresponding pins for the region that you have just unlocked. At the first visit to the new region, we strongly recommend going straight to the Omnium tower to make a study much easier.

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