Domestic indie anticipated Project Lelic, gameplay release

A new video of domestic indie game **, a domestic indie game with impressive graphics and battles aimed at high quality action, has been released.

Project Cloud Games has released a gameplay video of Project Lelic through its official channel. Like the previous video, the UI part is not displayed separately, but only the game scene is contained, but the Korean ambassador displayed on the character was shorter.


The video contains a battle with a huge boss who screams and a long-awaited enemy, a thief, and a protagonist who only comes to the knees. In particular, as the developers have shown earlier, you can check the stylish action centered on fast speeds everywhere. Fast continuous attacks using short daggers are constantly done, and a number of technologies that narrow the distance, such as jumping and dashing attacks, are also noticeable.

In particular, the first enemies that appear in the first appearance can cause several damage nearby and make the timing nail attack. The protagonist solves the battle with appropriate defense actions, such as preventing or avoiding attacks. In the big boss battle, you can also see a short distance to continue more attacks, and you can also see a big distance to avoid big attacks or to attack long-range attacks that require cast time.

Meanwhile, this video was demonstrated as a relatively stable frame, unlike the existing game play trailer.

The game, which is currently being developed in a studio consisting of 10 developers, will be introduced with PCs and mounted consoles, and the detailed schedule will be released later.