Tea video release to celebrate the mystery ADV Melon Journey: BitterSweet Memories and Melon Day to explore the city where melon possession is illegal

Xseed Games has released a teaser video of Melon Journey: BitterSweet Memories developed by the indie studio FROACH CLUB to celebrate Melon Day.

This work is a mystery adventure in which the hero, Honey Dew, an employee of a large melon factory, searches for a town full of cute animals to find his missing friend. At first glance, the cute and nostalgic Hog Town is a city where crimes and corruption are widespread, with melon possession illegal. By searching, a series of intertwined mysteries begins to be revealed. Game play for more than 5 hours is expected, and more than 50 soundtracks are recorded. It is said that you can enjoy five side plots and a large number of character stories. In the teaser video, the introduction of the characters that appears has been informed of the conspiracy over the legalization of melons in Hog Town.

By the way, Melon Day was set on the second Sunday of August and began as a holiday for the Torque menistan people. In Japan, it seems that Children’s Day on May 5 is set as Melon Day to promote melon sales.

Melon Journey: BitterSweet Memories will be released in 2022 for PC/PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S/Nintendo-Switch.