Kirbys voice captivates fans live

The morning today was special for Kirby fans, this is due to the premiere of the 30th Anniversary Concert, in which several mixtures of the most iconic themes of the pink character were made. But that was not the whole surprise of the event, since the voice actress of the main character took the stage to greet the followers of the saga.

For unwanted, the official voice of Kirby has been the same since 1999 and its actress is named after Makiko ōmoto , who basically gives life to the chick delivery of Nintendo 64 . To this day the actress has not failed in any game, passing from the Smash Bros . to the spin off of the franchise such as the Clash .

Here is a fragment of her greeting:

The Kirby franchise has just turned 30 in this 2022 , and Nintendo has not lost the opportunity to celebrate with the sale of merchandising, games where it stands out Forgotten Land and Dream Buffet , as well as this important concert. To that is added the inclusion of Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards, So fans must be happy with this.

Remember that the next game off the brand premieres next August 17 exclusively through eShop of Nintendo Switch.