Disney Plus surpasses Netflix in number of subscribers

Streaming services only have one mission today, and this is to accumulate the greatest possible number of subscribers, this in order to make their service profitable and recover the money invested in original productions. And now, it is confirmed that Disney Plus has officially defeated Netflix with just being present three years in the market.

According to the numbers that were made known, Disney Plus Current ** currently. And this may indicate that the red platform is down due to its new rules, which are gradually implemented in all countries.

This is what Bob Chapek , Disney CEO :

We had an excellent quarter with our creative and business teams, promoting performance in our national thematic parks, great increases in the sports audience and a subscriber growth in our streaming services. With 14.4 million Disney+ subscribers added during the third fiscal quarter, we now have 221 million members in total.


It is worth noting that while they are phenomenal, these numbers could have a change when new subscription prices arrive, since they will make some adjustments in December. And although they have good figures, the company states that its business still lacks profitability today.

Vía: Deadline