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BEHAVIOUR BEYOND distribution summary, including Bio collaboration follow -up, multi -compatible open world puzzle, 360 -degree brawl ACT in no weightless space

BEHAVIOUR INTERACTIVE INC., known for the development of the non-symmetric horror survival game DEAD by Daylight, commemorates the 30th anniversary of its founding on August 4, 2022 * BEHAVIOUR Beyond * has been held.

In this article, the contents are introduced together. We will deliver new game titles, including information on the new chapter Biohazard W of DEAD BY Daylight!

Dead by Daylight new chapter Biohazard: Project W announced!

In the distribution commemorating the 6th anniversary of DEAD BY Daylight, the second collaboration with the Resident Evil series, which was revealed only, was announced.

In this chapter entitled Resident Evil: Project W , the enemy Albert Wesker through the series. And as a new survivor, two people, a mysterious woman spy Aida Won and his newcomer of his S.T.A.R.S. Rebecca Chambers will appear.

In addition, the Map Raccoon City Police Station which has been implemented has been renewed . The map is divided into east and west, and the outside of the building is expanded.

DEAD BY DAYLIGHT love shim Hooked on you has started distribution

Love simulation game developed by tagging of PSYOP, known for I Love You, Colonel Sanders! A Dead by Daylight Dating Sim **] has been distributed on Steam.

trapper , which is impressive with biceps and swimwear on the stage of Murdering Demon Island, trapper , Huntless , featuring strong arms and cute bunny masks, short-sleeved shirts. We will develop a variety of dramas as a love target, with a bright personality, Reith , which looks good with shorts, and spirit , which is a kimono on a bikini.

GAME*Spark also has a play report, so if you are interested, please take a look.

Build & Raid Game Meet Your Maker developed as the next main game

This work is a first-person build and raid game developed as the next main game of BEHAVIOUR INTERACTIVE INC. Game play is mainly developed mainly on the construction of an outpost, and the infiltration that attacks other players.

The stage is an end-of-world near the destruction. The player becomes the administrator of the experimental body Chimera, which was created as a last resort to save the life on the earth, and is the key to the evolution of the chimera, the most valuable resource on the earth, Pure Genetic Material (pure genetic substance). Enter the battle over. Each player will strengthen the defense to obtain or protect resources, and to gather more genetic substances by infiltrating the enemy’s base and behind the enemy.

Meet Your Maker will be released on PC (Steam)/PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S in 2023. A closed play test for this work will be held on August 24, Japan time. In addition, more detailed contents and interviews with developers are introduced in this article.

Mysterious open world puzzle game PROJECT S compatible with multiplayer

Project S, which was unveiled for the first time in the distribution, is an open world puzzle game realized in collaboration between BEHAVIOR INTERACTIVE and Toronto’s Lunarch Studios.

Players aim to clear quests by learning about the origin of mysterious spots such as Ukishima, ancient architecture, and mysterious scenes and fate. Game mode can be selected from solo play, cooperation play, and large multiplayer. The release is scheduled for 2023, and detailed games will be announced at a later date.

360-degree brawl games that go against gravity FLIPPIN MISFITS

The FLIPPIN MISFITS party brawl for two to four people, set in a no-weightless outer space, has been announced. In this genre, which is the first challenge for Behaviour Interactive, we will fight inside and outside the arena and spaceships, featuring vivid colors and dangerous environments.

In addition to the skills of battle, the skills against gravity are also important, and the gravity swapping function allows you to experience an unprecedented 360-degree brawl. Players may be attacked from all directions of 360 degrees, and you can enjoy a new feeling that is nervous. Distribution is scheduled for September 2022 at Steam.

Top-down action ADV JURASSIC WORLD: PRIMAL OPS to collect dinosaurs

This is a top-down action adventure game released at the end of June 2022. The player’s mission is to save dinosaurs from enemies and create fair coexistence with humans.

It is an exciting game where you can not only collect various dinosaurs, but also enjoy missions full of actions unique to top-down. Jurassic World: Primal Ops is being distributed on App Store and Google Play.