Some skull and bones programmers do not rely on that the title will certainly be a success

It is obvious that the development of Skull and Bones has actually been very complicated for Ubisoft To this premise we need to include what the medium Kotaku collects, which has actually talked with some designers showing the doubts that they have regarding if the title will be a success .

The media aims out that the game has actually set you back as long as any type of triple An and where some employees show their uncertainty : The individuals that have worked with it continue to be doubters that it will certainly be or far * The success that the business needs *, anonymously assure Kotaku.

Anyway, November 9 will appear of doubt. Its advancement has been complicated, an agreement would certainly have forced Ubisoft to release its game soon. The French company does not go through its best minutes , as well as extra in these recentlies where Assassin’s Creed Rift and also Character: Frontiers of Pandora have actually been delayed, in addition to having canceled 4 projects.


The circumstance of Ubisoft.

Kotaku strengthens this concern by gathering even more details: According to one of the developers, the video game of pirate ships has little to do with what was already shown when it re-emerged in a livestream discussion earlier this month. As a matter of fact, they also question the depth of the title: Regardless of the lot of survival simulation auto mechanics for the collection of resources, they claimed that each individual component of the game lacked deepness .