How to create objects in the background of the head of Live A Live?

The head of Live A Live’s Prehistory has a craft mechanics that players can use to create useful equipment and objects. These items can be used in battle or to strengthen the strength of your character or members of the group. To create objects, players need to find cave artisan at the beginning of the chapter and bring him the necessary objects to create the desired equipment.

Где находится Crafter в главе Prehistory Live a Live?


The artisan is located in the lower left room in the large corridor at the beginning of the background. The image above shows the right path to find Crafter. Players should leave the starting room, turn left along the corridor, and then go into the room shown above.

What can be scheduled in Caveman Crafter?

In the background of the head of Live A Live there are many items that can be made. Most of them are equipment and weapons that can be equipped for your group or character. A complete list of items that can be made can be found below.

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