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Details of Marvel’s Spider

It is August 12 that you will be able to obtain the remastered PC version of Marvel’s Spider-Man. For the occasion, it is the Nixxes Software studio which had the mandate to optimize this edition to take advantage of the power of PCs as much as possible and the number of different configurations possible depending on the CPU, the RAM and the video card. Insomniac Games recently made available crisp details on this project whose pre-orders are open. Pre-shops are available now on Steam and Epic Game Store.

Here are the details published by Sony:


Ray Tracing is available throughout the game for those who can benefit from it. The reflections also have different quality levels, including a new high quality Ray Tracing mode which allows you to display the city more detailed when you swing on your paintings or that you will fight crime in the New York of Marvel.

The NVIDIA DLSS (Deep Learning super-sample) is a revolutionary rendering technology which offers you a whole new level of graphic performance thanks to Tensor Core processors dedicated to the GPUROC RTX GPU IA, which allows you to accelerate Image frequencies while generating visuals of incomparable clarity.

The NVIDIA DLAA (DEEP Learning anti-landing) is a anticreening mode based on artificial intelligence for players with a GPU in the GeForce RTX range, and who want a better image rendering to exploit their GPU as maximum.

In addition to being able to choose its exit resolution, our game will be compatible with a whole bunch of image formats, including 21: 9 Ultrawide, 32: 9 panoramic, and Nvidia Surround Multimencran configurations.* If you have three Screens, you can use them all by playing this game!

There are now many other levels of quality and algorithms to personalize your image rendering. These changes concern SSAO, texture filtering, level of details, shadows, and much more. The game is also compatible with the listed, lifting modes without border and full screen.

In addition to the new graphic options for PC, there are also a multitude of options concerning game devices. Thanks to compatibility with the PlayStation DualSense ™ controller, PC players will be able to enjoy the adaptive triggers and the incredible return haptic of the controller, while facing cult villains from the Marvel universe. ** Keyboard-source compatibility, in play and in the menus, offers customizable configuration options for followers of this game mode. The game is Also compatible with the Steam Input. You can therefore personalize the orders as you see fit, making the game accessible to the greatest number. Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered will also offer a system of online trophies and backups on Steam and the Epic Game Store.

Even if we worked hard to add advanced graphics options for players with behemoths equipped with the latest graphics cards, we have made players who have more modest PCs are not outdone and can fully enjoy From Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered. We can therefore give you more details regarding the minimum and recommended configurations, for the various graphic quality presets.