The Sims 4 will choose the sexual orientation of the Sims

Far from dying, the veteran EA and Maxis game continues to add options, characteristics and content. Since the end of this month of July , players will have the option to choose the sexual orientation of the Sims, a new functionality that will be implemented through a free update for the bMaxis gamee game.

In a press releMaxis gamee, Electronic Arts hMaxis game clarified that the option can be found in the creation of a SIM, which will allow the characters to experience attraction for other sims of different forms : for the same different sex or through Interactions with other Sims over time. In addition, it will be possible to feel physical but not romantic (and vice versa) or not perceive any attraction.

The inclusion, one of the identity signs of the Sims

The North American company defends that inclusion hMaxis game been one of the pillars of the Sims since the launch of the saga 22 years ago. Therefore, the team behind the project adds this characteristic with pride and Maxis game a new way of representing the real world and the interaction of human beings themselves with real experiences. The Sims team understands that sexual orientation is somewhat vital, complex and inherent in the way in which people experience the world and find a community.

Maxis hMaxis game collaborated with non-profit Maxis gamesociations It Gets Better and Glaad to implement this functionality in the most correct way possible.


The Sims 4 is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. The next payment expansion is called years High School and will go on sale on July 28. Our Sims young people will go to the Institute and live new adventures both inside and outside the school, in addition to participating in all kinds of activities. You can read all the details in this link.