NVIDIA reduced the recommended prices of RTX 30 video cards around the world

NVIDIA, according to colleagues from Videocardz, intends to reduce prices for flagship video cards of the RTX 30 line in the next few days. As a result, the recommended price for RTX 3090 Ti will have to drop from $ 1999 to $ 1499, RTX 3090s 1499 to 1299, RTX 3080 Ti-C 1199 to $ 1099. The remaining graphics cards of the line will continue to be sold at their old recommended prices, and no changes are planned yet.

It is likely that NVIDIA intends to clean the warehouses of partners from the reserves of the chips of this line to fill the new generation in the future. If this is true, then the expectation of price reduction in the future may be in vain, because the excess will be sold out, and therefore it will be pointless to reduce prices. Jayztwocents states that NVIDIA could well complete the production of RTX 30 in order not to clog partners in the departing generation.