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How to Get the Return to Tradition Icon in Roblox Random Rumble

If you want to get the Return to Tradition badge in Roblox Random Rumble, you must show up with all classic items. However, it will be difficult for you to spawn with all the classic items as it is entirely up to you. RNG. Because of this, the only way to get the badge is to keep creating characters until you end up with a classic item in every slot. However, you can recreate your character by resetting it using the Reset Character Option. You can find the Reset Symbol option by pressing the ESC key on your keyboard.

After pressing ESC, the option to reset your character will be in the lower left corner of the screen, as shown in the image below. Click this option and your current character will die and then respawn with new weapons and items. We recommend resetting until you get a classic item in every slot. But keep in mind that getting all the classic items will take some time, so only do this if you have time to kill in Roblox. In between trying to get the Return to Tradition badge, we recommend trying to get all the other Roblox Random Rumble badges.

How to get other Roblox Random Rumble badges


Here’s how to get all other random Rumble badges:

  • Baka Bottle: Opened when a hidden bottle is found under the lake.
  • Cook?: Unlocked by entering a room on the test map.
  • A: Unlocked by teleporting to the bush next to the two sofas and the Gura in the main lobby.
  • Boss of this Gym: Unlocked by increasing Strength and killing another player.
  • Mind Game: Unlocked by teleporting to a room with two troll faces playing a chest.
  • Get ready to rumble!: Unlocked by playing a match and loading into Random Brawl.
  • Cheat Food: Unlocked by entering the King of the Hill game mode, appearing on the Sky Temple map, and pressing Zoom. **** in the admin command section.
  • Toast: Unlocked by using Breath of Fire on a glass of wine in Winter Feast.
  • Red Guy: Unlocked by defeating the Angry Leek boss.
  • Offer: Players can unlock this icon by throwing a beach ball into the volcano.

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