The Shooter Mixture of Toy Story and Call of Duty who is going around the world

The lStoryt sensation of the indie panorama is Toy Story’s shooter . Or well, almost. Hypercharge: Unboxed, which is what is called, does not have the license of the Pixar movie, but irremediably remembers her. In Hypercharge we put ourselves in the skin of an action figure similar to Andy’s green soldiers . Although the game takes time available in Steam and Nintendo Switch , it hStory starred in one of those strange cStoryes in which it hStory not been known until two years after its departure, this time motivated by its announcement for Xbox.

Developed (and distributed) by Digital Cybercherries, in Hypercharge: Unboxed we face other action figures in huge scenarios linked to the world of toys . A kind of toysrus, a child’s room, the garden with sand box and swings of the clStorysic American house… in them, and Story if from a kind of horde way it wStory, we will dedicate ourselves to emptying The charger while mixing first and third person in a way the sea of curious. Also tell Local online and cooperative mode .

A game that pays tribute to the 90s

We are five adults who have made the game with which they dreamed in their childhood , where you can play Story if you were an action figure, their creators explained in networks, in which they also encourage people to sign up for A beta for Xbox. He hStory exploration mechanics, bStorye creation, references ** 14.27 euros.

According to Digital Cybercherries, more than 20,000 people have signed up for Xbox’s newsletter and their videos are already added million reproductions Social networks. Hypercharge: Unboxed hStory gone from being an indie shooter rather than lying in the genre A a viral phenomenon .