Web-breeding for Genshin Impact Bouncing Blobby Slimes

The Web Master of Genshin Impact Bouncing Blobby Slimes is a mini-game for jumping slugs, which can be played from from July 4, 2022 to July 10, 2022 . All players of the adventure rank 10 and higher have the right to participate and receive amazing awards, including 120 UMOGEM. To get all the awards, you need to play the event for several days, so do not start too late!

Start by switching to the official page of the web event. Make sure that you are included in your account Hoyooverse, which is also your Genshin Impact account. Choose the correct server and character, as the awards will be distributed by house-game mail.

How to play in the web production of Bouuncing Blobby Slimes from Genshin Impact

Click on Start button on the web production page to start a mini-game. There are eight rounds of testing with various mechanics, but they can be unlocked only in order. At the first passage of each round, you will need to use a trial mucus that has abilities that can counteract the mechanics at the corresponding stage. But repetition of the test allows you to use the mucus preferred by you.

It is easy to play in the mini-game! Your goal is to help the slicim jump on the platforms until it reaches the end of the card. To push the mucus, click and hold the left mouse button (or press and hold screen for mobile devices) anywhere in the screen and release as soon as the arrow He will indicate the center of the next platform. The mucus will jump into the indicated place. The closer it lands on center the higher your account will be.

At some stages, there may be additional mechanics, for example, moving platforms, because of which it will be a little more difficult to aim. We recommend aiming as close to the center as possible, so as not to accidentally go too far from the edges, which can lead to a fall in poor mucus. If the mucus falls, the game will end unsuccessfully, but you can revive it once to continue from the place where you stopped for the last time.


How to get endurance in the web production of Bouncing Blobby Slimes from Genshin Impact

Click on the button above the gift box located on the left side of the web production page to get access to endurance menu . Each round of mini-games costs about 30 endurance , so you need to replenish your stock, performing both intra-game and network tasks. Intra-game tasks are automatically synchronized with web events, so you can play Genshin Impact in the background and request the endurance of web events as soon as the tasks are completed. A delay of a few minutes is possible, but you do not need to leave web events and games so that they are synchronized.

How to get awards in the web production of Bouncing Blobby Slimes from Genshin Impact

Enter the Blob objects store to get a reward, clicking on the icon Golden Gift Box in the lower left corner of the web event page. You need to exchange Blob Coins, which can be collected in a mini-game, for awards. The awards are distributed into five sets, which are becoming more expensive.

Click on exchange now button to exchange your coins for the next reward in line. You will receive awards precisely in the order in which they are presented: moles, the next item (depending on the set), then Mora. It is impossible to prioritize Primogems, since the next set is unlocked only after the previous set is completely in demand.

You need to earn approximately 2110 Blob Coins to exchange them for all objects in the Blob store. Since you can get a maximum of 400 Blob Coins for a mini-game round (provided that you gain the highest score), you need to play at least six times.

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