Online virtual game show, 2022 Indie Craft, with the sponsorship of the game industry

-A part of social contribution as part of social contribution, the effect of creating a sound ecosystem through supporting small and medium-sized game developers

In order to create a healthy game ecosystem in Korea, the sponsorship with 2022 Indie Craft continues every day.

The IndieCraft Operation Secretariat introduced the Meta Bus Virtual Game Show, the 2022 Indie Craft Online Virtual Game Show, which will be extended until August, as well as a sponsor who sponsored and supported for the development of the indie game industry in Korea.

This sponsorship was supported as part of social contribution for the development of the Korean game industry by reducing the polarization of the game industry and supporting the indie game field that is responsible for the back of the game industry.

First, Unity, which has been at the forefront of fostering developer ecosystems, has been actively supporting indie developers by lowering development barriers and discovering indie content. As part of this, since last year, the console publishing company ‘CFK’ has been continuing to support developer support programs that fully support domestic game developers’ game development, operation and launch.

This year, the company plans to select at least two companies through the indie craft event to support development and publishing services for console migration. Unity held ‘Unity Wave 2022’ free of charge to share various professional technologies and know-how for domestic creators from May 9 to 13.

It consists of a total of 35 sessions dealing with major industrial trends such as games, simulation, digital trin, virtual and augmented reality, and offline pre-registration has already been closed in a week, and creators participate in the 5 days. More than 12,000 people participated in the event during the event.

Kim In-sook, CEO of Unity Korea, said, Unity has introduced various developer support programs to provide practical help to domestic creators. I will actively work.

Microsoft also participated in sponsorship for small and medium indie game developers for three consecutive years. Microsoft, which is trying to create a healthy game ecosystem in Korea, creates an immersive game environment to encourage game users to participate in the player, builds, distributes and expands online services between platforms to run better games, and reaches millions of people. We can distribute games and generate profits with Microsoft.

‘Azure’ for game development accelerates the game development with ‘Azure Play Fab’ management service, builds its own game service from the beginning, or for indie producers, [Email Protected] Azure program to developer tools and support through program Help you access.

We are trying to access more players around the world by using flexible Devops tools on all platforms and protect the player’s data with enterprise security. Azure, in particular, was built in cooperation with XBOX Game Studios and Cloud Game Developers around the world.

In addition, indie producers can provide development kits and support to release digital games directly from Xbox and Windows through the [[Email Protected] ‘program.

Nexon has been supporting Indie Craft for four years. Nexon has also taken the lead in various social contribution activities for children and youth. The Nexon Small Bookstore, which began in 2005, has expanded to 130 stores, and every year, children’s coding competition ‘NYPC’, ‘Purme Foundation Nexon Children’s Rehabilitation Hospital’ donation and operating fund donation, and brick donation for creative play culture. It has been conducting various social contribution activities for youth. In 2018, the Nexon Foundation was established to develop social contribution projects more systematically.

On-Face Games is a game company established in 2018 and is developing and serviced by ▲ FPS game, MMORPG, and hyper casual games.

In addition, this year, the company plans to launch its new MMORPG through its subsidiary On Face Steem. In addition to the game business, On-Face Games, in addition to the game business, has secured technology in the future business such as NFT and Metabus, and is developing businesses aimed at the global market.

Currently, the live-action meta bus platform ‘Onbus’ is being developed with the goal of launching a global market. Kim Min-seok, CEO of On Face Games, said, We are honored to be able to support 2022 indie craft through the Mobile Game Association. In the future, we will continue to support the Mobile Game Association for the development of the indie game market, he said.

The IndieCraft Operation Office said, Supporting Korean small and medium-sized indie game developers is the most important for the Korean game industry. Once again, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all the sponsors who have been sponsoring for a long time. We will try to prepare more support for small and medium-sized game developers through this generous support.

Meanwhile, with the participation of the game industry officials and users with the participation of the virtual game show, the IndieCraft Operation Secretariat decided to extend the virtual game show, which was operated only by the 29th, to the Gamescom 2022 on August 29..

In particular, during the European Games Show, Gamescom 2022, the company will directly promote the Meta Bus Virtual Game Show to European Indie Game users and game industry officials through the opening of the local indie craft joint hall.

The 2022 Indie Craft The Festa online virtual game show, which will be extended until August 29, 2022, can be accessed through the Indie Craft Platform Developer Dito Land Homepage . ]) Or indicraft Discords can be contacted .