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Online GTA signal inhibitors: Destroy them all to unlock one of the best hackers of the saints

GTA online signal inhibitors or blockers are a series of collectibles that you must find and destroy. It is one of the first collections that is usually achieved because it is very fast to reduce the list: you shoot him with a gun and voila. If you carry a helicopter with weapons, you don’t even have to get off in most cases.

Signal inhibitors in GTA online: Search and destroy

You do not need to receive any call to start looking and destroying signal inhibitors or blockers, although part of your reward does have conditions. They are a total of 50 and have antenna shape with red and green lights. They resemble a wifi. When you approach, A whistle is heard . Always look in upper areas of buildings.


If you have doubts about any location, I recommend that you take a look at gta 5 Map __ (interactive map of gta v) while carrying out the search. Select hide all to remove all the icons from the map and then Signal Jummer in online.

When you manage to destroy the 50 signal inhibitors or blockers, you get as a reward:

  • 2,000 dollars and 1,000 RP for each destroyed inhibitor, and additional $ 50,000 when destroying them all.
    Unlock the hidden character Avi Schwartzman *, which you can use as part of the hacker support team in the coup to The Diamond Casino.

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