Return to Monkey Island

Developer Ron Gilbert no longer intend to write RETURN to Monkey Island on the web. The reason is the personal attack comments received by the developer.

The Return to Monkey Island, seen in Tuesday’s Nintendo Direct Min, has aroused contradictory feelings in the player audience. Some are looking forward to returning to Monkey Island, but some have criticized the new visual look of the upcoming game with a hard hand. Gilbert, the creator and sequel developer of the entire series, sees criticism as a sad reaction.


Gilbert wrote today in his personal blog that negativity has finally become too much for him. The developer said he would close the comment because of malicious screams and stop telling about the game. Eventually the whole blog page closed.

It’s an incredible game, and all the team members are very proud of it. Play it or don’t play it, but don’t spoil it from everyone else. I’m not going to write about the game anymore. The joy of sharing has been driven out of me, Gilbert said.

Among other things, the artist and designer and designer of Littlebigplanet and knights and bikes game Rex Crowle previously confirmed on Twitter that he is leading Return to Monkey Island design. He has praised Gilbert and has publicly defended the game style of art.

Now, the sound actor Dominic Armato settled in support of Gilbert, stating sarcastically, Great work, all.

Armato says he has seen a lot of passionate but polite discussion and states that the comments on Gilbert’s blog were full shit.