This is Inzone, Sonys new gaming product line

Sony makes the leap to the video game beyond PlayStation with Inzone , its new line of gaming devices. The company aims to offer an immersive experience to help the gamers get to victory. It opens with five products, two monitors and three headphones.

Inzone monitors: What is Sony’s bet?

In the line of the monitors we find the models Inzone M9 and Inzone M3 . We talk about 27 IPS panels that guarantee 1ms of GTG latency, NVIDIA G-SYNC and VRR (variable soda rate). The first, the range of range, offers 4K native resolution up to 144Hz, 600 nit displayhd, Full Array Local Dimming (illuminates the screen arevideo game that need brightness and darkens those that require blacks) and its colors range exceeds 1000 millions. It comes with the name ‘Perfect for PS5’. If you plug the console to the monitor, the screen will automatically adjust the HDR and select the best way to perform according to the content you are visualizing.

The M3 model offers the same characteristics, unless it points to Full HD (1080p) to 240Hz, its HDR hvideo game 400 nit peaks and is not backlit. Nor does it cover more than 95% of DCI-P3 , that is, it does not reproduce the colors in the same vibrant and realistic way video game the M9.

Next to them, the Inzone Hub is offered, an computer application that allows you to adjust the image of each application in a detailed and individual way. You can video gamesign specific profiles that include additional films, such video game the possibility of adding crosshair, timer, frame accountant and dark equalizer, among other elements.

Those responsible affect the design of the Peana. A vertical support holds the monitor on two thin bvideo gamees on each side. In practice it works video game an adjustable tripod. Given the space that leaves the sides you can combine it with different carpet settings and keyboard position. Both the angle and the height of the panel are adjustable.


The two models offer the following connection ports:

  • Two HDMI 2.1 ports
  • A Displayport 1.4 port
  • A USB C port with an alternative mode to Displayport
  • A USB B port
  • Three USB A ports
  • A 3.5 mm audio jack port
  • 2w built-in speakers

INZONE M9 is expected to go on sale this summer at a recommended price of 1099 euros . The M3 model, on the other hand, will do the same winter at a pending price to specify.

Headphones, three models that cover the player’s demands

In the three headphones models, the offer diversifies something more in the face of what is seen in the monitors. We find the Inzone H9, H7 and H3, each focused on a different type of consumer. The main features along the trio is to maintain The audio quality of Sony next to the comfort of headphones that will remain in your head for hours.

Inzone H9 offers wireless connectivity by two ways, both radiofrequency (via plug and play) and bluetooth. Incorporates sound cancellation , which will allow you to isolate yourself from the noise around you; If you prefer to remain attentive to what surrounds you, you can use the ambient sound mode with which you will reach a duration of up to 32 hours of battery. With a 10-minute load you will achieve uninterrupted use an hour. And yes, you can load it while you use it.

Inzone H7, on the other hand, loses sound cancellation to extend the battery life until 40 hours. Almost nothing. Nor does it offer lighting effects or the synthetic skin of the Earpad, made of synthetic naylon in this model. The input model, the Inzone H3, only offers connectivity via Puerto Jack.

The three share the quality certificate for Discord and the 360 degree space sound , although in this cvideo gamee it can only be perceived if you use them on a PC with the Inzone Hub application. On the other hand, the microphone that incorporates is bidirectional, which reduces the noise that filters from outside. Its design is centered to perform few actions with the palm of your hand, immediate access. For example, if you place the microphone upwards, it will be silenced. They are also compatible with PlayStation 5 and their 3D Tempest sound technology. Its appearance in the interface will be native, video game seen in the Press model.

Inzone H9 will be put on sale to a recommended PVP of 300 euros , while Inzone H7 will do it at 250 euros . The Inzone H3, the economic model, will start from the 100 euros . The three will be available in the market from July.