Knockout city

Advertising videos of the second season of the anime Created in the Abyss

A little more than a week before the premiere of the continuation of the anime created in the abyss, which received the subtitle The Sun flashed in the Golden City, and Kinema Citrus (Climbing Hero) showed several commercials.

In new episodes, viewers will see both Raga, Rico and Nanachi, and many new and very colorful characters. The events of the second season on the sixth layer of Naraku will unfold, including the village of dummy. If someone was shocked by some previously shown content, then even more than any, strictly not recommended for viewing by kids and impressionable personalities ahead.

Created in the abyss will return on July 6. We look at the trailer


The broadcast of created in the abyss: the sun that broke out in the Golden City will begin on July 6, including Crunchyroll.