14 professionals are missing: Kiel trains with a decimated team

It was only on Saturday that the storks had mastered their initial test against TSV Bordesholm confidently (9: 2), simply two days later Rapp has to do without a lot of his players.
As the KSV revealed, 8 players are presently ill, and also Julian Korb is also a believed case.
Considering that Hauke Wahl (Pfeiffersche’s glandular fever), Aleksandar Ignjovski (knee injury), Mikkel Kirkeskov (muscle issues), Timon Weiner (hip problems) and Marvin Schulz (special vacation) are not readily available, Rapp was just able to use an annihilated squad on Monday.

The KSV Holstein takes a trip to the Bundesliga relegation SpVgg Greuther Fürth at the beginning of the affordable game in mid-July (here it goes to the new game strategy…).