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Call of Duty: Warzone premieres brand-new map: trailer, day as well as details of period 4 of the shooter

Season 4 premieres on June 22 The brand-new period will land in both titles from following June 22 , with brand-new content. Amongst the novelties, which attracts attention most importantly is the new map of Warzone, which is called Stronghold of Fortuna , 2.5 times bigger than rejuvenation as well as with a number of surprise tricks.

Call of Duty players: Lead as well as those who continue to enjoy Warzone have an appointment this June. In spite of the news of a Warzone 2 for the future, Activision has announced the arrival of the Period 4, ‘Mercenaries of Ton of money’ with the movie trailer that you can see on these lines.

It has twelve essential areas (city, point of view, terraces, cemetery, cavern, smuggler’s Cove, gatehouse, maintain, winery, bay, lighthouse and also camp), as well as you can see their disposition as well as how each of the points are linked In the picture that we leave below:

It must be born in mind that in October of this year Call of Duty will be released: Modern Warfare 2, the new installation of the legend with the signing of Infinity Ward that will certainly restore some characters really dear for those who took pleasure in the shipment of Modern Warfare in his day. Right now, we have a considerable gameplay to see just how your campaign looks.

It is unknown for the moment if the Bastion of Ton of money will be the third map of the turning of Call of Duty: Warzone beside Caldera or Renaissance or, as a matter of fact, it will change the last, something with which the neighborhood of the community Shooter is hypothesizing lately.

Along with all this, some considerable adjustments in the boiler map will certainly be executed that will be detailed soon and, as common, the material in the kind of brand-new aesthetic aspects, fight passes and also the typical uniqueness will certainly not be missing out on when It premieres a period.


When it comes to Lead, the fourth period will certainly likewise include a brand-new map for the Zombies mode with an updated version of Shi no Numa. It takes location in a Japanese jungle overload and also originally showed up in Call of Duty: World At Battle, as well as in various other succeeding titles of the franchise.

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