Joker 2: A suite in the type of a music with Girl Gaga in Harley Quinn, excellent or bad suggestion?


The Hollywood Press reporter continues to be quite obscure on it as well as you have to try to understand if the entire film will be fired as such, or if you can expect simply a couple of sections sung in the video. Anyhow, the idea of having Woman Gaga in Harley Quinn already delights us, the last having shown us that she had skill in acting… We leave you with this art work directed by Employer Logic which has him additionally responded in his very own means in the face of this unforeseen announcement.

Announced last week by director Todd Philipps in person using his Instagram account, the JOKER suite: FOLIE in pairs has been the headlines for a couple of hours adhering to a scoop stabilized by The Hollywood Reporter. It is not surprising that the function is turned over to an additional actress than Margot Robbie given that the joker of Todd Philipps does not in any kind of way be part of the DCU that Detector has actually developed in recent years.