How many planets does Starfield have?

Todd Howard and Bethesda Games demonstrated many Starfield capabilities during the presentation of Xbox and Bethesda 2022. This included some of many planets in the game and how players could inspect and visit them, what could make you think how many planets are in Starfield.

How many planets are in Starfield?

On the window, several of more than 1000 Starfield planets were presented. The window shows a smooth transition from individual planets to star systems. Howard introduced to the players several functions that will help them explore and identify new systems. That is why all these planets exist: so that the player can explore them all.

How many planets can I explore in Starfield?

Howard showed the audience the area of the new Atlantis on the planet Jamison in the Alpha Centaurus system, but be sure to mention that players will be able to land and explore any point in the planet. Thus, there may be landing zones, but you can choose any place for landing that you like.

Although this may sound cool, remember that not every planet has a human colony or an alien life is supported. In some cases, you can explore barren areas without resources. The ability to explore the world is not always as funny as it seems, but it certainly corresponds to the true emptiness of the cosmos in real life.

How great are the planets in Starfield?

No one actually knows the exact size of the planets except Bethesda. The Creation Engine 2, which Bethesda used for Starfield, is great for creating whole landscapes. Bethesda may have allowed many planets to undergo such processing, but probably later they also added their own strokes.

What types of planets are there in Starfield?

On Xbox & Bethesda Showcase, several planets were shown. One of them was Chavla, Moon olive from the Alpha Centaurus system. Howard described Chavla as a barren, but rich in resources. The colony could not live on this moon, because the temperature was below zero, and the atmosphere was full of carbon dioxide. Water was classified as heavy metal.


The other was rock a planet named Gagarin, and Hovard called her a planet of Zlatovlaski. The planets of Zlatovlaski are neither too close nor too far from the sun, so they are suitable for life and can support life. This specific planet Zlatovlaski had a moderate climate, and its water was biological. This may mean that different planets can support different types of life. In the trailer it was shown that on another stone planet, Jennison, there is a human colony. Since its temperature was moderate, and the water was biological, it is probably the planet of Zlatovlaski.

are there any colonies on Starfield planets?

Jennison had a new Atlantis, but no other name of the colony was announced. And from what we saw, it seems that on some planets there are only one or more colonies that can support them. On the planet of Gagarin, earlier, there was a place called structure. In this case, we assume that the player did not find what kind of region it is or what it does. It can also be a place where players can establish their own colonies, but we are not sure yet. In the same way, on the other side of Gagarin there was a marker, but we are not sure whether it was a colony or attraction.

Is there a colony of aliens in the Starfield?

In Xbox & Bethesda Showcase, we saw many aliens, so we can confidently assume that some of these aliens can be founded by colony. The colonies are not shown, but it would be strange to assume that we are the most reasonable appearance and the only one who is able to form colonies. It can be assumed that there is at least one colony of aliens, but it is unconfirmed.

How many star systems do Starfield have?

Starfield will have 100 star systems. On average, these are about 10 planets for the star system. It is important to keep in mind that in some star systems of the planets more or less than in others, so this average value is not universal. Star systems that were shown during the showcase:

  • Alpha Centauri
  • Sol
  • Narion
  • Jaffa
  • Shainn
  • Porim
  • Will

Is Sol Starfield Starfield Sol system?

Yes according to the window, the sun is one of the star systems. It is shown that Sol is located next to the Narion system. It is important to remember that the Starfield action takes place in 2330, just recently after a galactic war. Much could have changed over the years, including large parts of the solar system.

Earth in Starfield?

If there is the sun there, then we can assume that the Earth is there, but this is not confirmed. The player is a person and interacts with other people. Since the view arose on Earth, we can assume that the Earth will be represented in the game. Nevertheless, perhaps we do not know the earth as we know it today, and the galactic war, perhaps destroyed the Earth.

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