Lord of the Ring craft survival THE LORD OF THE RINGS: RETURN to MORIA. Up to 8 people multi to regain the dwarf kingdom

Publisher North Beach Games announced on June 11 the The Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria . The compatible platform is PC (Epic Games Store) and will be released in 2023.

THE LORD OF THE RINGS: RETURN to MORIA is based on the worldview of Ring Story, a novel of J, R, Tallkin, a writer J, R.Tolkin, who became a popular movie as Lord of the Rings. It’s a craft survival game. In this work, the player is called by Gimli, one of the friends of the ring, and is summoned in the fog. The given mission is to recapture the underground kingdom, leading a group of dwarfs. Moria was once a vast and complex kingdom of dwarfs. However, it is now a dangerous land for oaks to spread. This work supports online multiplayer by up to eight players in addition to solo play. He seems to be able to regain the kingdom alone or with his friends.

The areas of dwarves challenge are randomly generated. As a result, every time you explore Moria, different dangers and resources are waiting every time. The dwarfs are masters of manufacturing, and if they obtain and process resources such as iron, gold, Ishido, and Mithril, they can craft armor, weapons, and tools. Enhancants are also possible in addition to strengthening and repairing equipment. In addition to the items that can be obtained in the craft, Moria says that various artifacts are sleeping, such as a sword that shines when the orc approaches, a book on a forgotten design drawing, and amulet that gives power and wisdom. thing. There are also elements that can upgrade technologies and machines, and the dwarf work seems to be wide.

You can also create buildings, and you can build magnificent buildings such as bases from zero. Also, if you explore Moria and proceed with the story, the former landmark will be revived. On the other hand, in order to survive in Moria, they must hunt to secure food, and manage sleep, temperature and noise levels. While dealing with the threats of oaks, they survive the harsh underground survival and revive the glorious kingdom. The player can create his own dwarf as a character creator. If you gather with your friends, you will see each personality.


THE LORD OF THE RINGS: RETURN TO MORIA will be released in 2023 for PC (Epic Games Store).