League of legends

Riot reveals LOL 160th champion Belbeth

[Epic monster Moon Young-soo] Riot Games unveiled the 160th new champion ‘BEL’veTH’ of ‘League of Legends‘.

Velvez is a character who wants to rebuild the world according to his twisted imagination and seize the entire Runttera. When he is involved in large monsters or champions, or Epic monster treatment, he has a passive that builds up the overlap and permanently increases the attack speed. In particular, as the next two attack speeds increase after using the skill, Velvez is expected to play on the jungle line.

Velvet’s first skill, ‘Void Flood’, is a dash that causes damage to enemies located in the path. The second skill ‘top and bottom’ also has the effect of floating and slowing the short time into the air and reducing the waiting time for ‘void rushes’ when hit by enemy champions. ‘The Whirlpool of the Empress’ is a skill that causes a whirlpool of swirls around, causing the damage to the health that the target is lost every time the enemy is the lowest in the range.

The ultimate ‘endless banquet’ is involved in champions and Epic monster treatment, which has a fragment of void coral, and has the basic sustainable effect of adding additional fixed damage that is infinitely overlapped every time you attack the same target twice. In addition, if Belvez consumes a piece of void coral, Belvez can be transformed into a moment and can fight. If you consume the messenger of the canyon or the void coral left by Baron, it is possible to revive the minion that dies around by the void.

Belvez, which has a fast attack speed, is a champion with potential to contribute greatly to the team’s victory if it can grow stably. This is because there is no restriction on the attack speed stack with the basic sustainable effect, and the ultimate specifications can be greatly raised. As it is strong in the one-on-one confrontation, it is also a strength of Belves that it can take the lead in the second half of the game.

Riot Games will also introduce various Velves use through the new champion introduction corner ‘Champanda’, which will be released on the afternoon of October. The Champ Panda Velves can be viewed through the official YouTube, Facebook, and Naver TV.