The lysergic Shooter Roguelike Post Void will be published on Switch and PlayStation on July 12

Ycjy Games have announced that post void , its lysergic shoter roguelike, will arrive at Switch and PlayStation on July 21, by the hand of Super Rare Originals. Here you can see the trailer with which this new version is promoted.

Post void is a shoter in the first person designed to favor speed against anything else. Its games are brief but very frantic: the goal is to get to the exit of each level as fast as possible, keeping the idol you carry in your left hand full of liquid. The liquid is lost if they hurt you but also over time, and recovers killing enemies: a few seconds without killing and the idol is dry, which ends the game.

Between level and level, you can choose between a series of improvements that help you get ahead (from faster or more liquid recharges in the idol to new weapons, such as a UZI or a shotgun) as the levels, eleven in total, They become more complicated; Little by little, thirty-second games are extended to a minute, and then a minute and a half, and so on. It is a direct and elegant game, which conquers headshot a headshot thanks to an adjustdary gameplay and a psychedelic and snatching aesthetic. The soundtrack is also amazing.

This new version has been polished to perfection, says the press release, to ensure that rapid gameplay works as well as with keyboard and mouse. To the elderly, the version for PlayStation 5 uses the triggers and the feedback haptic of the dualsense to increase the immersion in the hypnotic chaos in the first person of the game.