Hoggish hackers unsatisfactory the entire health and wellness system – danger human lives for 4.7 million euros

A hacker organization has paralyzed the wellness system of a whole nation. You just desire to launch the information for simply under 5 million euros, however the unwell can not wait as long.

Fraudsters as well as hackers routinely blackmail innocent individuals to improve themselves. Currently a group of Hacker has been buttoned up a health and wellness system. These individuals appear to be so money grubbing that they do not even quit risking people’s lives.


hacker group forces authorities to function once more on the paper course

** Who lags the strike? Some scientists believe that the team deals with the Russian-speaking group Conti.

What is particularly nasty concerning the attack? The hackers around Hive are particularly perfidious. However additionally endanger to place the sensitive information online where every person can see since they not just encrypt the data from their sufferers. Health days are specifically important. Consequently, the authorities have actually closed down their web servers so that absolutely nothing worse occurs.

Exactly how a lot does the strike have? What degree the assault has, the example of Roger González shows.

The Hackers are now requiring $ 5 million in Bitcoin (around 4.7 million euros) from the Costarican authorities.

The authority does not come to the health data they require for the people. Appropriately, the treatment of the unwell is much slower than normal, since the workers are now working once more on the paper course. Annoying: The nation can no much longer update the COVID 19 infection figures and also bring it up to date.

Hacker are additionally targeting gamers

Such fraudsters additionally attempt to rip off gamers regularly. For this function, every means is typically appropriate, such as fake Nvidia graphics card drivers, to get information or the efficiency of the graphics card.

By the way, among the biggest hack assaults on numerous big firms such as Microsoft as well as Nvidia is stated to have been brought on by a 16-year-old boy. A group of cybersecurity investigators had actually initiated comprehensive research study as well as had actually involved him as well as other hackers:

16-year-old lives with mommy, apparently chops the globe’s biggest technology giants

A hacker organization has paralyzed the health system of a whole nation. What is especially unpleasant about the assault? The hackers around Hive are particularly perfidious. How a lot does the assault have? ** What extent the assault has, the instance of Roger González reveals.