Announced dot painting game “Piggy One SUPER SPARK”. The animator is Nabushi and the developer of “Unil Life”

Nabushi in Japan announced “ Piggy One Super Spark ” on May 28. Scheduled to be released in 2023. The trailer has been released to the announcement.

“Piggy One SUPER SPARK” is a game co-produced by Hanabushi and HAKO Life. Genre and compatible platforms have not been announced. In the published trailer, you can see how Shami and Yuez, designed by Hanabushi, move inside the screen. They run around the horizontal scrolling stage, running away from approaching lasers and giant boars. As far as the UI on the screen is seen, it seems that there is a collection item such as HP and screw rolls and salmon as an element. Although it is a PV for about one minute, the graphics composed of animation and dot pictures are eye-catching. The worldview and action created by Hanabushi and HAKO Life will be developed.

Both creators are producing this work, Hanabushi and HAKO Life. Hanabushi is an animator and illustrator belonging to the former Toei animation, who has been involved in a number of works as character design and drawing director. In the name of Hanabushi, it is good at midnight all the time in the domestic band. He is working on MVs such as the song “Dark and black” and “Study”.

HAKO Life is also a domestic personal game developer and is in charge of the brand manager of ROOM6’s indie game label “Yokaze”. As a past work, “Unil Life” was released in 2020. Steam has gained a status “overwhelmingly popular” with 97 % of the 544 user reviews at the time of writing. The player seems to have evaluated the story of the girl and the traffic light and the graphics that express the night world. Assuming that “Piggy One SUPER SPARK” is a 2D action, it seems that the genre is different from “Unil Life”, but it can be expected to be a graphic with the world and the atmosphere drawn by both people.

“Piggy One SUPER SPARK” is under construction for the release in 2023.