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All successes of WoW. At least for the next 5 days

There are a few players among the WoW afficionados who are targeting a feature of Blizzard’s online role-playing game: the success system! They do not leave anything untracted to fill every single bar over and over again on the overview side. Because in this way, one end is never in sight: with every WoW patch and every expansion there are new successes that need to be d1. The next patch will be in Europe on June 1, 2022, and it can be assumed that the new success is entail. Because someday in the summer of 2022 also season 4 from Shadowlands ** and presents yourself with new challenges in the old Shadowlands Raids.

Xirev, Billym and Midzòr at the top of the success!

Asmongold SHOCKED By Player Who Completed ALL Achievements In World of Warcraft
The WoW players Xirev, Billym and Midzòr are in the idle task of home to every success, the crème de la crème among all the heroes who try the same. All three hold the current maximum of 37,905 success points and Xirev has been looking forward to Reddit since May 27, 2022 that he has a five-day break before Patch 9.2.5 hits the servers.

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To say exactly who actually occupies the top position among the top 3 is complicated, as the people of Icyveins also note. Because part of the almost impossible task of collecting all successes is also to play the current raid in mythical mode, and despite all the past nerfs, this is still not a sugar. So if you play in an active raid guild and don’t have the bad luck to be parked on the bench, you have an advantage, even when it comes to completing all successes. Accordingly, the people from Icyveins state that Midzòr should claim the pole position for themselves.

is the success system from WoW actually ripe for a revision?

The name Xirev will say something among you, because the WoW fan was already in Legion and then in Battle for Azeroth at the forefront when it came to completing the success bars. Of course, this shows that those who are hardworking and puts on their best are at the forefront. But is that perhaps too monotonous? Is the success system, as it is in the game, a good thing? What do you all mean?

The idea of a revision comes from another game: If an extension appears in Destiny 2, old content is now being taken out of the game-a controversial procedure in itself; Players often feel hewn over the ear because they are once paid for this content. With an expansion release itself, many successes of the game also become the Destiny equivalent of the WoW heroicism, so that the sheer amount of achievable successes per expansion cycle remains manageable. Is that a good idea to limit the amount of possible success? Should Blizzard use more heroic deeds? Give your opinion in the comments!

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