Final fantasy xiv

The Fantasy XIV function has been removed the function of automatic exit from the game

Today, one of the most popular MMORPG FINAL FANTASY XIV was received by Patch 6.11a, which removes the function of automatic exit from the game after a 30-minute player’s inaction. It was introduced last summer, when the servers of the game could not cope with the influx of players and there were large lines to the entrance.

Final Fantasy XIV - Recommended Settings for New Players

Removing this function means that the overload of servers is reduced. Perhaps this is due to the usual outflow of players or with the opening of the new Oceana Data Center.

In addition, Patch 6.11a brought several more changes to the Final Fantasy XIV, including adjustments to the skills of some professions for PVP and correcting several problems and errors. Also now in Crystalline Conflict matches, players with the Crystal level can compete against users with Diamond 3 (with one Rising Star) and higher. Those who wish can read more about all changes here.