Gaming PC: spring cleaning, quieter cooling and marty overview with CPU

After it was getting warmer in Germany during the week and even in the middle of the week, the 30-degree brand cracked in many parts of Germany, one or the other gaming PC of our readers should also be sweating-in addition to early summer heat This was certainly due to the one or the other PC that the components of the PC got too much dust over time and that thorough cleaning would be necessary.

In our special, we therefore give you tips on how to take your PC under spring cleaning. First there are some general tips on how to make the cooling of the PC quieter and protect it from unnecessary heat development – because even with clinically clean components, there are things that make it difficult to cool a PC. Since it is also no secret that a good CPU cooler can cool the processor effectively and quietly, we also have a market overview with 30 current CPU coolers of classic design as well as all-in-one water cooling, including the radiator, also AIO water cooling named, prepared.


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PC quieter: Basic tips

In summer it is warmer in the room and therefore inside a PC than in winter. In the company, the fresh air from the fans is also warmer than in winter. As a result, the coolers of CPU and graphics card get warm faster in summer.

With very good cooling, it may well be that the fans do not have to turn faster than in winter times, since the cooling capacity is still good enough to keep the temperatures of CPU and graphics card chip in check. However, there are three things that can lead to the fans at higher outside temperatures have to accelerate significantly more and therefore make the PC louder:

  • A fan control tailored to low temperatures, both from the mainboard and as far as the BIOS of the graphics card is concerned – it can also be loud at an early stage at moderate outside temperatures.
  • A rather weak cooling in general, for example because of a (too) small cooler, being too tight or because of bad fans that only create sufficient air flow at high speed. A location in a comparatively warm place also has an impact.
  • Dusted cooler and fan areas that ensure a heat build-up.

We will take a closer look at all three topics. And start with the fan setting for the CPU.

CPU and housing fan

The most important fan is the one that belongs to the CPU cooler and is connected to the mainboard connection CPU fan. But other housing fans can often be connected to the mainboard and thus controlled.

Unfortunately, there are no general values here – if you cool well, it may be that you can have the fans turned only 40 percent for a target value of a maximum of 70 degrees and only rarely turn it faster, since the 70 degrees at 40 percent Speed can hardly be exceeded.

However, it can happen with a rather weak cooling that even 80 percent speed is not enough to keep the CPU for more than five minutes at less than 80 degrees. In general, however, you can let all fans that do not belong directly to the CPU cooler, especially the fans placed at the front. Fan that you have connected directly to the power supply, you can only run 5 volts via adapter instead of 12 volts with 7 volts or if the fan is suitable.

Page 1 PC early cleaning: Basic tips for volume and CPU fans

Page 2 PC-early cleaning: graphics card fan, housing, cooler and location

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Page 4 PC-early cleaning: AIO water cooler and market overview

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