But now quickly: You can currently test these games for free on Steam

Not only Epic gives away free games every week, but also on Steam you regularly have the chance free to sniff into interesting titles. In addition to the 4x world dream game Stellaris, Valves gaming platform currently offers you four more games for free – with some of them you have to be quick!

only until tomorrow: State of Decay 2 and Solitaire Expeditions

State of Decay 2 and Solitaire expeditions are particularly needed: the two playful opposites can only be downloaded free of charge until Monday, May 23rd at 6 p.m. With the Juggernaut Edition from State of Decay 2 , the developer studio Undead Labs, according to its own statements, presents the best version of the well-known zombie survival adventure.

You can therefore march through the zombie apocalypse with a group of survivors and fight for the brains of your team until the end of the deadline. Meanwhile, it is less bloody, but no less exciting at Solitaire Expeditions . The card game classic offers over 100 solitaire variants and also lets you open the heart of the tickets for free by May 23 at 6 p.m.

Gambling until Tuesday morning: Poker Club

Poker Club also revolves around cards, but as a professional poker player, of course, there is significantly more at stake. In addition to the story, where you have to play at the top of a global poker tour, Poker Club also offers a comprehensive online mode where you can measure yourself against real players. The gambling simulation is until Tuesday, the 24. May, at 6 a.m. playable for free.

for almost two weeks: Paper Ghost Stories: 7pm Free Playing for free

Paper.io 2 INSTANT WIN! Paper.io 2 INVISIBLE HACK?!
Paper Ghost Stories, on the other hand, are a bit more relaxed: 7pm: The first part of the horror adventure series is still until Thursday, June 2nd completely free. If you expect a first-person title due to the genre name, you are wrong: In fact, Paper Ghost stories: 7 PM with an idiosyncratic style, in which the characters and hand-drawn paper figures look like.

In a playful way, you accompany three children on an exploration tour in a mysterious apartment block while trying to invite their new neighbor to play. Soon the peaceful story will soon take a dark turn that could not only leave the children deeply shocked.

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