Philipp Lahm: A title at Bayern is not enough

The former captain Philipp Lahm sees Bayern Munich coach Julian Nagelsmann even more duty after his premiere year. “A title is good, that’s the minimum. But in the long run, everyone knows, he knows that too, a title at FC Bayern is not enough,” said Lahm on Monday at the presentation of his new book “Healthy can everyone! “.

Lahm sees calmly that there is currently a lot of unrest at the record champions. “There has always been something going on. FC Bayern has always polarized, for 50 years,” emphasized the 38-year-old.

Lahm regrets the loss of Dortmund’s goalkeeper Erling Haaland and possibly Bavaria Robert Lewandowski, who wants to go to Barcelona: “They are both absolute world -class strikers who leave the Bundesliga. That is pretty bad. The league needs such top players international format.”

Lahm continued whether Lewandowski can go in summer, “said:” It is a shame that he leaves the Bundesliga at all and does not stay in the Bundesliga until the end of his career. “

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Philipp Lahm: A Remarkable Football Career

On Wednesday, the long-time Bayern star, tournament director of the Euro 2024, became a fan of Eintracht Frankfurt. “Everyone in Germany keeps their fingers crossed. They have made an incredible journey in the Europa League. The hearts of the Germans fly to them. Everyone supports Eintracht,” said Lahm before the final against the Glasgow Rangers. His advice: “You should play as you know them.”