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How to win a demon in Evil Dead the Game

Demons players in Evil Dead The Game have two ways to win. This makes him easier than the survivor who needs to move on the map to win. As a demon, your task is to configure the survivors to failure, causing the dead, creating traps and taking possession of the dead, trees, objects and cars.

What should demons do in Evil Dead The Game?

Demons need to either kill all the survivors or destroy the necronomicon at the end of the match to win. If you continue to collect the spheres of hellish energy, you can increase the level or use your abilities more often. Unlike survivors who still have good chances, the demon should increase the level to win, otherwise they really have no chance.

Although it can be difficult to kill the survivors, the best time is when they get a kandar dagger and the pages of the necronomicon. At this moment, your energy will be charged faster, which will allow you to perform more tasks. If the survivors called on Necronomicon, the best way to win is to destroy it. By that time, the survivors will become too strong, and the necronomicon will become a slight target.

Tips to *INSTANTLY* Go from Beginner Demon to DOMINATING ???? Evil Dead the Game Guide for Demon

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