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All leaders and their abilities in Warcraft Arclight Rumble

Warcraft Arclight Rumble has several leaders. Each leader has a unique ability, the use of which costs gold. Below we have compiled a list of heroes in the game and what they can do.

All leaders’ abilities in Warcraft Arclight Rumble


Jaina Praudmur * – Three gold for draw
* Arcane brilliance: increases the level of your spells by three while Jaina is active.
Mayev Song of shadows – six gold for a draw
* Master Assassin: the cost of Mayev decreases by a unit for each liberated army that you play.
Tyrion Fordring – Four gold to play
* Holy Light: heals all the closest friendly units.


cern bloody hoof * – Five gold for playing
* Shockwave: an attack that causes damage in the region that stunes enemies.
Gromash Hell scream – Four gold to play
* For the Horde: all the closest friendly detachments receive a thirst for blood.
SHED – six gold to the throw.
* Sneed Before Greed: get two gold every time Siege Damage Unit destroys the tower or opens a chest.

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Rend Blackhand * – six gold for a draw
* Blacken the skies: your other flying troops cost one gold less while the game has a gap (but not less than two).
General Drakkisat * – Five gold for playing
* The flame banner: the closest enemies receive 50% more damage from the elements.


Baron Riveder * – Four gold to play
* Army of the dead: Riveder periodically calls for skeletons in the buildings that you control.
Magic Magician Talenos * – Four gold to play
* Dark rituals: Talnos receives one level for each spell you played until death.


Charlga sharp flank * – two gold gold
* Entangling Roots: A directed attack that rivets enemies to the place and disables the tower.
Hogger * – Four gold to play
* Inflacement: Hogger’s movement speed and attack increases by 35% every time it is played.

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