Terraforming Mars is free on Epic Games Store until May 12, 2022

Remember: we tested Terraforming Mars when it was initial out, then via the arrival of its first extension, prelude. Terraforming Mars is the video game adaptation of the homonymous plateau game, the principle of which is to make Mars habitable, which means increasing its temperature and its oxygen rate as well as generating oceans. It is therefore a semi-cooperative game: the objective is common to all and the game stops when fulfilled, but there is ultimately only one winner, the one having the most contributed to this objective.

The game, whether in video games or sets, has its main interest in its immense replayability. Indeed, to make Mars habitable, players play cards, called Projets. These cards all have different effects, generating increasingly powerful combos and authorizing many strategies, all valid. Will you bet everything about plant production, in order to increase the oxygen level? Will you focus on heat, to increase the temperature?

Each player directs a corporation, offering a distinct bonus and forcing to adopt a way of playing allowing to make the most of this advantage. As there are dozens of different corporations and the one we play is drawn, no part is alike.

Terraforming Mars is FREE | Epic Games Store

The platform game has a total of five extensions, only one of which is currently available in digital version: prelude, released on December 08, 2020. A second additional content, Hellas & Elysium, will be released “soon”: this gratuity is likely to allow It is up to a maximum of players to prepare for it.

Also, if you do not have the game, I can only advise you to rush to this link to take advantage of it today.