Inappropriate: clear announcement for Kruse after his Magath

They had brought him to rest somewhat in recent weeks. At least about his social networks, Max Kruse, who rarely takes a leaf out of his mouth, spoke up for a long time. Until he now moved to Twitch after the VfL Wolfsburg, which was broken. And once again gave things about which quite a few shake his head with his employer.

In sight: Felix Magath, current Hertha coach and the one who gave Kruse’s club with the 2009 championship title the greatest success of the club’s history. The player says about this football teacher: “I go everywhere, but never to Magath. He is a sheafer. He is sick, which makes medicine balls until people throw up.”

In Wolfsburg, players were asked for much less to pay for, whether Kruse was not known for his admission, which he blew into the world with Shisha pipe in his mouth. However, there was a clear announcement for the striker with the sometimes loose mouth. “Basically, I’m always someone who defends him,” said VfL coach Florian Kohfeldt, who once made Kruse in Bremen, on Thursday. But: “I found this explicit statement inappropriate, I told him that too.”

What would have become of Max Kruse if he had trained under Felix Magath?

Marcel Schäfer with a smile

Sports director Marcel Schäfer, who became master under Magath in 2009, also buttoned his former team -mate Kruse. “It is inappropriate to talk about Bundesliga colleagues in general or to express certain criticism about someone who has achieved extraordinary things here in Wolfsburg – also with his way, which is even greatly valued here.” Schäfer continues: “We expect our players to focus full on our own task, on what we want to achieve. We do not need to deal with other things, we have also told Max.” The sports director adds with a smile: “What would have become of Max Kruse if he had trained under Felix Magath?”

Kruse does and eats what he thinks is right

One of many questions that arise in Kruse’s second engagement in Wolfsburg. The 34-year-old takes a risky special role in the Kohfeldt squad. On the one hand, a professional lifestyle is requested by the players, three chefs are employed to enable top performance, on the other hand there is Kruse, who likes to say and do and eat what he thinks is right. This works as long as the colleagues accept the special status and his performance is right. It has been fluctuating in the past few months, but: six goals and an assist are available in the VfL jersey, three of the four games in which Kruse scored were won. The million dollar invoice worked to keep the class with the visibly not trained veteran.

But how sustainable is this deal? Wolfsburg wants to attack again, with a certain number of games and the qualification for Europe, Kruse’s contract is still extended by another year until 2024. He no longer wants to be rescued, he makes it clear. But that is exactly what will be necessary so that VfL lays the basis for a better future.

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