Who is Ryan in Overwatch 2?

Overwatch 2 promises to expand the basis of the popular 2016 shooter with various new mechanics, ideas and game modes. Players can see several changes when loading Overwatch continuation, including several new names of characters. Users may have noticed the name Ryan walking on the Internet, but who is this character?

Ryan is the nickname of the popular YouTuber. The Video played a joke gave the famous Overwatch arrow named McCry. The purpose of this blow was to distinguish one of the few changes that, according to this YouTuber, were made to the beta version of Overwatch 2 Since then, the developers have changed the name McCry to Cole Cassidi causing some confusion among the constant and alienated Overwatch players.

Why Blizzard changed the name McCrey in Overwatch?

Overwatch players REACT to Overwatch 2

The name Jesse McCrey comes from the name of the disgraced game designer Overwatch Jesse McCrey, who was dismissed from Blizzard after several reports of sexual harassment that pursued the once-famous developer. To carry out the character and improve the company’s reputation among the public, the developers of Overwatch from Blizzard changed their name. However, many who left the game before this change may confuse.

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